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 Sotw Rules

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PostSubject: Sotw Rules   29/6/2010, 18:56

* Entry topics will be posted weekly with the theme or any conditions in the subtitle/topic description.

* The winner is decided by public voting. Whoever has the most votes wins SotW.

* Staff may enter SotW

* Entry threads will close Friday and Votings ends on Sundays and on Monday new SOTW will begin!

* Any general SotW discussion should be posted in THIS THREAD.

* Staff is the only one who will suggest Theme.

===============)))================**********====== =

-- All posts in the entry thread must contain an entry (signature image), you can not enter a previously made signature into SOTW, it must be a newly made sig made for SOTW. Once you have entered it into SOTW you may put it into your signature with a note stating that it is your SOTW entry.

-- Entries must Contain your GCA'S USERNAME or it will be Disqualified!
(unless GFX mod requests differently)

-- You may only enter once.

-- Entries must not exceed GCA's set dimensions of 500px x 300px.

-- Entries may not contain porn or nudity.

-- Entries may be in *.gif, *.jpg and *.png format.

-- You can edit your post entry if you wish up until the entry thread is closed, unless you have been disqualified.

-- Animation is not allowed unless specified in the theme or conditions.

-- Ripping or blatantly copying someone else's sig will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from Site.

-- Should an Staff feel the need to interrupt SOTW their decision is final.

-- Do NOT post anything besides your entry in the SOTW entry thread. If you have any questions about the theme, PM a staff member or post in the SOTW Discussion section (Here)
-- All other GCA rules must be followed.

-- Also, Do NOT post anything besides your vote and reason in the SOTW voting thread. If you have any issues or problems with someone's vote or entry, PM a staff member.

-- You are not Allowed to Vote on your Own Sig, If you do so, you will be disqualified for that SOTW!

- Vote on people's work. Please Do not Vote because they use Bleach and you like Bleach

- Do not Vote because that person is Staff.If you vote for Staff it doesn't mean they will make you staff. Seriously
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Sotw Rules
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