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 Sig Showcase Rules

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PostSubject: Sig Showcase Rules   29/6/2010, 18:59

-One Thread Per Person! You will be infracted if you have more than one !
-If you are showing off a sig then in Thread Title, you would put "Sdfte's ShowCase" (without "). That's an example if you are showing it off you new sig. If Infue would be showing off his sig, then he would put "Infue's Sig Showcase"
-If you are commenting how sig is, You cannot just post, "Nice Work" | "Good Job" Say the reason. Which part of the sig did you liked. Which part of the sig you dis-liked.
-Rate from 1-10.
-Do not Insult, Do not Cuss(Swear), Do not Spam.
-Failure to follow rules, will be infracted/banned.
-Signature size limit is 500x300.
-Please also post your renders in your Showcase here! There will not be a section made to display renders!
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Sig Showcase Rules
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