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 Sig Request Rules

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PostSubject: Sig Request Rules   30/6/2010, 07:07

Sig Request Rules

If you are requesting a sig then in Thread Title, you would put "Request to Sdfte" (without "). That's an example if you are requesting it to me. If you are requesting to CookiE, then you would put; "Request to CookiE."
If the person you are requesting haven't taken your request, then you can pm him the Thread link! Only Pm the person if he hasn't taken it in 5 days.
If the Request is not for you, you cannot take it.
In threads i dont want to see, people posting; "Nice Sig"; "Can u make me one" and all craps. If you like it then just make a new Thread and ask for it. You can also make a Request called "(Yourname's) Sig Request" where anyone can make you a Sig. The Final kind is a Sig Shop, where people can request a Sig from you. In this you post your Form for the Sig and what you can make.
Failure to follow rules, will be infracted/banned.[i]


Follow the [T.O.S], I am not afraid to swing the BanHammer!
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Sig Request Rules
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